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JH Partners' 2015 Sale of J.McLaughlin

JH Partners

With an emphasis on growth investments in middle-market luxury brands, JH Partners has completed approximately two dozen acquisitions and divestitures over the past two decades. After owning 60 percent of American sportswear company J.McLaughlin, JH Partners successful sold its shares to the consumer-focused private equity firm of Brentwood Associates in 2015.

Under JH Partners’ investment management, J.McLaughlin achieved a loyal customer base for its classic designs with a contemporary flair. The clothing appealed to sophisticated urban and suburban demographics as well as consumers in resort destinations.

At the time of its sale, J.McLaughlin had more than 100 brick-and-mortar retail locations across the United States and had achieved significant growth in its online sales channels. The company had a reputation for superior customer service and retail environments that gave visitors a distinctive shopping experience.

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