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J.McLaughlin's Acquisition by Brentwood Associates

JH Partners

A leading private equity firm in San Francisco, JH Partners specializes in lucrative consumer brands for investment stakes. Over the years, JH Partners has worked with brands such as The Gap, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and Ouidad. JH Partners recently completed the sale of its 60-percent stake in J.McLaughlin.

For more than four decades, J.McLaughlin has been a leading retailer of sportswear with a unique fusion of casual and professional offerings. In 2015, the Brooklyn-based company announced its acquisition by Brentwood Associates, a prominent private equity firm based in Los Angeles, California.
J.McLaughlin has more than 100 retail stores across the United States and sells apparel and other items through its e-commerce platform. In his comments, the company co-founder Kevin McLaughlin expressed pride in the respect the brand has earned over the years.

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