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  J. McLaughlin - Clothing and Accessories Brand

Private equity firm JH Partners specializes in growing authentic consumer brands by helping them enter new markets, seek out diverse sales channels, create new products, and develop deeper connections with customers. JH Partners focuses on a company’s long-term equity value by investing in the consumer brand. One of such investments includes J. McLaughlin.

J. McLaughlin is an American clothing and accessories brand founded by two brothers, Kevin and Jay McLaughlin, in 1977. Known for its unique amalgamation of classic styling with current relevance, the brand’s first store was on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Headquartered in New York, the company now has over 100 retail locations throughout the United States, as well as a thriving online shop.

J. McLaughlin actively engages in various philanthropic efforts to support health and wellness, animal and pet welfare, and children’s development, to name a few. The company’s contribution efforts are done through hosting events for its partner community service organizations, such as the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Humane Society, and the Garden Club of America.


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