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Iconic Kitchen Retailer Sold to Target

JH Partners

In 2013, San Francisco-based private equity investment firm JH Partners made headlines with the sale of specialty retailer CHEFS to the Target Corporation. Thanks to the deal with JH Partners, Target expanded its variety of upscale but affordable kitchen-related products. Neiman Marcus owned CHEFS until 2004.

CHEFS provided home cooks with specialty cookware items and kitchen utensils from manufacturers including Le Creuset, Wusthof, Cuisinart, All-Clad, and more. One of the key selling points in the 2013 Target sale was the CHEFS strong online presence, which featured a rich multimedia profile and extensive user-generated content.
Selling directly to consumers, CHEFS got its start with a print version of its catalog almost 40 years ago. Numerous cooks relied on the brand’s high-quality, sturdy, and performance-focused products, purchased through its detailed catalogs or in its brick-and-mortar location in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and later online. Its devoted customers and gourmet bloggers continue to praise its wide range of offerings.

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