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Growth-Focused Kate Somerville Acquired by Unilever

JH Partners

San Francisco-based JH Partners is a respected presence in the private equity sphere and has undertaken investments in a wide range consumer-focused companies to which it adds value. In 2015, the company oversaw the sale of Kate Somerville Skincare to Unilever. Prior to the acquisition, JH Partners held a 75 percent stake in Kate Somerville.

Based in Southern California, Kate Somerville achieved market penetration through a platform based on its proprietary Active Balance Technology™. Known for the use of natural botanicals and advanced active ingredients, the brand has long maintained a presence in the prestige retail and salon markets and has made major inroads in Asian markets in recent years.
A Prestige Brands executive with Unilever described the transaction as effectively complementing the global company’s existing portfolio and bringing with it outstanding growth potential. More than simple premium positioning in a number of expanding markets, Kate Somerville offers a product of high quality and proven results within the dermocosmetic segment.

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