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Draper James Receives $10 Million in Series B Financing

JH Partners

JH Partners, LLC, is a northern California-based investment firm that undertakes capital placements in the middle-market consumer sphere. The company’s strategic acquisitions have spanned industries such as beauty, household durables, and media. One high-profile transaction that JH Partners participated in was the $10 million Series B round of financing for Draper James in October 2015.

Cofounded by the actress Reese Witherspoon, Draper James has successfully showcased the American South in its lifestyle products, which range from clothes snd accessories to household items. The company has established a retail presence across the United States and maintains distribution channels in more than a dozen countries worldwide.
An existing partner in Draper James at the time of the Series B funding, JH Partners was joined in the round by Stone Canyon Industries and Forerunner Ventures. The managing director of Forerunner Ventures described the investment as opportunistic, given the potential of Draper James to extend its reach as an iconic, sought-after brand.

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