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Documentary Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Funding Goal

JH Partners

Consumer company investor JH Partners works with motivated management teams to identify new markets, grow sales channels, and contribute toward the development of innovative products. JH Partners invests in companies such as Design Within Reach, a provider of modern furnishings and accessories, that celebrates modern design through its Design Notes blog.

Design Notes recently recognized a successful Kickstarter campaign to finance a film on history’s most iconic travel trailer. A full-length documentary directed by Eric Bricker, Alumination examines the transformation of Airstream travel trailers from the company's creation in 1929 to its development as an American brand. 

The documentary introduces Airstream creator Wally Brown, a Los Angeles lawyer who derived his designs from those of William Hawley Bowlus. Material in the documentary includes nearly three years of research conducted by Bricker and producer Lisa Hughes. 

The Alumination Kickstarter campaign sought to raise $55,000 to cover the cost of production, editing, animation, music composition, and sound design. The campaign concluded December 17, 2016, with a pledged contribution total of $67,451.


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